Topline Cricket is the original cricket training facility in Melbourne’s outer east. Our premium facilities have been servicing players and clubs for over a decade.

We have eight indoor lanes available for use by you and your mates, all year round. Six feature long run-ups while two are shorter and normally house bowling machines, but these can be removed to allow for maximum training participation. Topline is the home of pre-season, wet weather, and general purpose club training sessions. Our retractable nets are ideal for group clinics, creating a large space for a variety of activities.

We have other large spaces set aside for putting bags down and padding up, along with an upstairs viewing area – the perfect place to sit and watch your child train.

Behind this viewing area is ‘Not Quite The Long Room’; a classroom-sized space which is perfect for AGMs, presentations, pre-session rev-ups, and any other cricket meetings. ‘Not Quite The Long Room’ is even available for corporate events and group fitness sessions.

Topline is home to a variety of bowling machines. These machines take the strain off your arm, and can even be used for solo training thanks to “auto-feeders”. The machines we currently have are:

Each machine performs differently, so to find one which suits your needs, check out the videos below!

Another brilliant tool in TC’s training arsenal is PitchVision Technology. See video below:

Topline has male, female, and special access restrooms, along with ample parking. Drinks, snacks, and coffee are available for purchase in our cricket shop.

Interested in booking in for a lane or a bowling machine? Topline is open 7 days, but opening hours vary, so please Contact Us to arrange a time.